Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Curva-Lish Boss Highlight: The Ichcha Sisters

It's been proven that women business owners are restricted in access to startup and growth capital...this is especially sad because it's also proven than when a woman succeeds financially, she directs 60% or more of her income to support her children, family and community.

So I am going to start new posts dedicated to women owned businesses. Since I am always on Instagram, LinkedIn or going to a women's network event, I always hear great stories of fabulous women owned businesses.

If you are inspired and love what you see, hear or what these amazing women recommend, please don't hesitate to visit and patronize their sites, products, services or recommendations.

The Ichcha Sisters
I first bumped into the brand Ichcha on Instagram.

What does "Ichcha" mean? Ichcha means a "wish, aspiration".

The brand is run by three sisters who create Home + Accessories products on Etsy.

And what is their goal: to create beautiful products to support conscious living. Each item is produced using an artisan tradition of block printing on natural products.

Here are a few of my favorites from their curtain series (some are currently on sale!):

Direct Link

Direct Link

Direct Link

Direct Link

Hope you enjoy this first Curva-Lish Boss highlight and look for many more in the future!

B(u)y From Women... It's Curva-Lish!

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