Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gorgeous Simplicity: White Spa Towel Set

As I've written about before, about four years ago I started my evolution of adopting a simpler life.

My evolution has been both inspiring, happy, sacrificial and beautiful.

One of my main hang ups with getting inspiration from simplicity has been a lack of beautiful design and inspiration... what I call stylish living.

Every time I read or looked for inspiration on Simplicity, the examples were of people I did not identify negativity intended but I love great design. Many examples of Simplicity that I saw were boring and frankly, un-inspiring.

So I'm going to create more blog posts (that will also be added to my Curva-Lish Pinterest board titled "Essentialism: Thriving in a Simple Life") on how you can achieve Simplicity without sacrificing Style, design or Beauty!

And yes, you can also do it on a budget!

It's the difference between buying well, less often and buying often items you don't necessarily love.

Here's an example of Stylish Simplicity to me:

This perfect spa towel set from One Kings Lane.

In my childhood, my Mom had a rule to never purchase non-white towels because non-white towels couldn't be bleached or sanitized with hot water in the washer.

I still stick to this rule today!

These towels in this set are plush, quick drying cotton with a high 600-grams-per-square-meter (same concept as a high thread count for sheets).

The set includes two wash clothes, two hand towels and two bath towels.

This beautiful set is not only Simplicity defined but it is also gorgeous (with a honeycomb border) and will last a long time (thus reducing your environmental footprint).

Simple, gorgeous,'s Curva-Lish's way of defining Simplicity!

P.S. This spa towel set is on sale for $29 (normally $65 retail)!

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