Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How Andy Puddicombe Defines Success

Recently, The Wall Street Journal asked an illustrious group of people how they defines success.  Andy Puddicombe's response was profound and I wanted to share:

"When I was young, I thought success was defined by others.  I've realized that, for me, success is caring less about what other people think and it's getting out of my own way.  What I often hear from people at the top of their fields is that they feel trapped.  They've sought this idea of success, and they've projected that image to the world, even if it's not who they really are.  In kind, the world has projected that image back to them, creating a sense of obligation.  They've worked so hard at being what they think everyone else wants them to be.  It can take quite some time to unravel all that and find out, what am I really about?  The answer very often is, not as much as people might think.  We all do it..."

Have you ever felt that way?  How do you define success?

Puddicombe is a mindfulness expert and the founder of the meditation platform Headspace. You can sign up for free and find out how meditation and mindfulness have benefits for you and those around you.  

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Headspace also has its "Take 10" program of practicing mindfulness 10 minutes a day that can help you "smile more,  sleep better and love better".

And you can always comment or send me an email if Headspace (or another resource) has helped you define success.  I'd love to hear about it!


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