Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Who is Winning the Pandemic's Digital Lifestyle Retail Race?

As Pier 1 just announced it's permanent closing, another once preeminent brand that has lost it's luster in modern consumerism, I was curious which lifestyle retailers are winning in the digital landscape during our pandemic times (excluding the obvious Big 3: Amazon, Walmart, Target).

Here are the numbers I ran according to website metrics for April, 2020 (and the brand's month over month change):

* Trendyol (Turkey): 115.0M (increase 47.6%)

* Sephora (USA): 44.0M (increase 41.92%)

* Gap (USA): 48.84M (increase 23.13%)

* H&M (USA): 81.68M (increase 18.0%)

* Nordstrom (USA): 35.62M (increase 17.86%)

What does this mean from a lifestyle brand perspective?

* USA based companies are dominating global shopping

* Sephora (with it's over 41% website visit increase in one month smack dab in the middle of the pandemic) shows that even despite a world catastrophe, beauty will always be a powerful category with women

* Gap appearing in the top 5 is indicative of many consumers shopping with the mentality of "Essentials"

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