Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Love Videos!

I love, love!  Love is the root of everything!  And in celebration of love,  Curva-Lish is offering a Valentine's Day special that is meant to celebrate YOUR love! Whether you are single, dating, engaged or married...we have a Valentine's Day video for you!

If video example from YouTube doesn't show above, click here.

This video is our one-minute video feature but we also offer two other video lengths for you to choose from...see below:

What We Need From You
  • Full name(s) of the couple (or single) as you want it to appear in video
  • At least 4 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) photos you want to appear in the video*
  • Short quotes you want included in video (a line from a favorite poem, a famous quote)**
  • Any other text you want included in video
  • Music (choose one): 
  • Video Length Choice (choose one) and PayPal Payment Link:
    • One Minute Video: $9.99
    • One Minute, 30 Seconds Video: $19.99 (Recommended!
  • Email information to
* We are not responsible for low quality photos sent to us; we will also be adding Valentine's Day themed images to video
** All text needs to be short (think Twitter 140 character length) for each slide

What You Will Get:  
  • 1st Draft averages only 3 days to complete once all items above are received
  • After 1st draft, one additional opportunity to revise
  • A link dedicated exclusively for your video for you to share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and through email, etc.
All videos ordered by midnight February 11th has a "before Valentine's Day" guarantee.  But don't wait until then! We will close this video special based on volume...don't be left out!

Note: by you becoming a customer, you agree to allow Curva-Lish to use your video in our marketing and promotional efforts and thus, release Curva-Lish from any wrongdoing or liability.

So support Curva-Lish and celebrate your love!  Order your video now!


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