Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Key to Happiness: What Do You See?

How to Create Your Reality with Perception
Perception is a very interesting subject. "How" and "what" you see is a very crucial element in the fabrication of your reality.  With a slight tweak of your expectations yuo have the ability to see what you desire. 

Take this image for example: What did you see first?

Was it the white vase or a silhouette of two faces?

Isn't it interesting how it's only when you're told that it is one or the other that you begin to actually see it?

These same principles apply to your everyday life.

Psychiatrists exercise the use of ink blots in order to understand what goes on in their clients subconscious mind.  Why this method is often effective is because what your mind is mostly comprised of is what your perception will output.

As we've mentioned before, what lies within your subconscious mind is an indicator of what is active within your vibration.  In other words, your most frequent thoughts and beliefs forms your reality.  The more those thoughts begin to reside deeper within your mind, the more you will eventually reflect and manifest it into your life.

Now, because that which is in your subconscious effects your perception (and perspective), it's a pretty good idea to note what you notice in your surroundings most often. 
  • Are you someone that see's opportunity in the midst of adversity or do you simply see despair?
  • Do you happen to check your bank account ONLY when the balance is low?
  • Do you happen to see cards on the road of only the type of car that you have your eyes set on?
  • Do you always happen to find things online that reinforce your current business plan or do you find things that oppose it?
If you want to know what's active in your subconscious, start monitoring what you notice most often.  You see mostly in your life the things you WANT to see, and what you want to see eventually becomes your reality.

Start today by affirming the opposite of the negatives you see most often. 

Low account balance? Rubbish - I always have tons of money in the bank!

My business plan might not be successful? Lies! I always come up with plans that bring about great success.

Feel never going to get promotion amongst two other male colleagues? Contradict that lie! You are more than capable to be the one that gets promoted and leads your team.

Remember, your life is yours to see, and soon your visions will come to be!

Guest Post by Minding Her Business

Minding Her Business is a great group I discovered that is geared towards women that provides "motivational tips on how to enrich your life, business tips, and special offers."

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