Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Declaration of Independence by Angel Quintana

My Declaration of Independence

I will no longer...
Apologize for doing what makes me happy
Respond to anyone who is passive aggressive
Dim my light because it makes you feel uncomfortable
Feel bad about something I did not do
Encourage mediocrity
Be friends with people I don't trust
Be friends with people whom don't trust me
Pretend I'm okay when I'm not
Wonder if you like me, it's cool if you don't
Say I'm bad at public speaking, I'm pretty fucking good at it actually
Forget to send texts to people who mean the world to me
Invite people to hang out who wait weeks or months to respond
Care what you think of me or believe in your negative mind to be true about me
Read emails or listen to messages from people I don't like
Worry about my thighs
Worry about my hair
Be a sucker for your sales pitch
Trust a salesman who treats me like a dollar bill
Talk about the weather or engage in small talk - it's so boring I could die
Talk down to a customer service agent (this will be very difficult)
Hold on so tight I can't let go
Accept a friend request from someone I don't like
Bite my tongue- if it bugs me it's worth saying
Allow manipulation to be engaged in any rhyme or reason

This is my life. I am independent and take responsibility for myself and for myself alone. If I feel I have wronged someone, I will reach out. If you don't hear from me it's because I am independent of you. I don't beat around the bush, pussy foot around, or keep you hanging- so don't think I will let you do that to me.
Be nice. Be confident in who you are. And most of all be real!
Life's too short to expend energy that is not yours, to care what people think about you, what they say behind your back or what they post passive aggressively on fb or any other social platform. Acknowledge the fact that people are insecure and will raise their voice so you hear them, but refrain from engaging in such behaviors. Acknowledge the fact that there are people who might want to stir you up so they can take you down. It's true, people will want to see you fail.
But you aren't here to be liked, you are here to be loved. Surround yourself with people who love you, ONLY.
You are independent and so am I. We were given the freedom of choice and that includes who is allowed to be in your world. Choose wisely and then celebrate the ones who stayed. Show gratitude to them, for it is these special few who will be there for you when success shows up, victory is won and when life throws you major curve balls.

Happy Independence Day.

Angel Quintana is the Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a community of women who believe every woman has the ability to use her femininity and her brain to change the world. Angel is leading a group whose goal is to pioneer a movement to support holistic leaders and lightworkers who want to make the world a happier, healthier, and more stylish place to be by offering holistic solutions to every day problems. From getting clear skin, to having healthier relationships, to learning to love ourselves unconditionally, the Holistic Fashionista mission is to celebrate life and it’s potent natural healers.

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