Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ask the (Real) Question, Get the (Real) Answer

Here's some coaching around this powerful quote:

By you creating the question, your answer will be embedded in the question.

For example:
Q: Am I not going after that new opportunity because I'm afraid?
A: You are afraid.
Declaration: I do not fear. I will not allow any fear to hold me back from going after an opportunity and I will proactively shut out all fear and negativity talk that tells me otherwise.

Q: Do I need help with this overwhelming project at work?
A: You need help.
Declaration: I am wise and discerning. I will use this #wisdom and discernment to get the help I need and I will let go of any ego or self-esteem issues that keep me from letting go.

Q: How do I seem to keep having the same problem that seems like a pattern?
A: You have a pattern.
Declaration: I believe in my own power to break away from patterns that do not serve my highest ability to eradicate this systemic problem from my life.

Q: Why do I seem to lack confidence and need the opinions of several people before I move forward?
A: You lack confidence; move forward.
Declaration: I am smart, experienced and full of joy. I make decisions that serve my highest self and will honor the impact I can make on the lives of others. I will move confidently forward and know that I am enough.

Q: Do I fear what other people think about me in doing this out of the box new career?
A: You are afraid of what others will think.
Declaration: I am not afraid of what others think and I will walk boldly towards my new career adventure. I accept some friends and family may not understand but I funnel positive energy towards manifesting the happiness and results I envision for my life.

Q: Do I need to diet so I can finally start feeling like I have energy to keep up with my life of stress?
A: You need to diet and manage your stress.
Declaration: My temple is blessed and I am committed to feeding it with the nutrition that I need to be the most effective.  I will develop and learn new habits that manages my stress and will balance my priorities and commitments to line up with these new habits.

Q: Have I lost my sense of adventure and style?
A: You've lost your sense of adventure and style.
Declaration: I am adventurous and stylish in this new phase of my life.  I shed away the clothes, decor and outlook that served me in my old phase.  I will create my new sense of adventure and line up my image to be consistent with the new woman who is who I am today.


  1. Que, this post is in my top 3 favs from you. My thought pattern has been shifted 180 degrees after reading this post. :)

    1. Thank you so much Mairo. Your comment is so appreciated. Keep being amazing...