Tuesday, August 9, 2016

India Hicks Fall, 2016 Collection: Chic, Urban and Sophisticated

This past weekend India Hicks celebrated the extraordinary heights of her lifestyle brand with the gathering of Ambassadors from all over the United States in Palm Beach.

As I've mentioned before ("Elegance, Grace and Style with India Hicks"), I joined India Hicks in the early stages of her company and blogged about what an adventure I knew it would be...boy, has it lived up to that!

Since the beginning, the company has launched about four collections, each building upon the other.

This most recent collection has struck a specific chord with me like none other.  Just when we think we know what India will come out with based on the London and Harbour Island inspiration of the lifestyle brand, she surprises us with an even more inspiring collection that lives up to our company promise: accessible luxury.

The Fall, 2016 collection is all about chic, urban sophistication. As an urbanite, I love the many possibilities of what this collection will do to compliment the wardrobe of women around the United States (the only territory that India Hicks services for now).

Here's a highlight and shop all new Fall pieces...

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