Thursday, December 8, 2016

Luxury Redefined: Yonder Way Farm

As I age, the term luxury is getting redefined for me.

When I was younger, luxury used to be strictly defined by anything with a designer label on it, whether it was a true luxury item or not.

However, as a 40+ woman, luxury is taking on a richer meaning for me and most of the time, there is absolutely no designer label, popularity or mass production associated with it.

One of those redefined luxury items is a Texas farm called Yonder Way Farm.

Yonder Way Farms resides near Houston/Austin and is run by a team headed up by a family that believes in ethically treated, sustainable meats and eats.

Besides offering grass-fed beef, pastured pork, eggs and poultry (corn/soy free), Yonder Way also partners with local artisans. These local artisans expands their offerings to organic vegetables to fresh pressed olive oils to Third Coast coffee and teas to breads to honey...I'm getting hungry just typing this!

And lucky for us in Texas, they ship to addresses all over Texas to provide access to those who may not otherwise walk into a Whole Foods to shop for the most top quality, organic, sustainable foods.

And one of the most brilliant parts is that their delivery is available starting at only a $50 minimum...simple, brilliant and ultimately, luxurious.

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