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I know you have options with where you spend your money but I'd love for you to consider Curva-Lish.  Net proceeds from commissions earned through our affiliations with the awesome brands below will be donated to our Curva-Lish Kiva community.

The Curva-Lish community is specifically setup to support women around the world in lifting themselves out of poverty through small business loans. Micro loans only start at $25! That's $25 to changes one woman's life that has further proven to change families, communities and entire nations.

Key Fact: Support a woman borrower, support healthy families. On average, women reinvest 80% of their income in the well-being of their children.

Here's an example:  “To be a single mother gives you more strength, you want to fight even harder.” - Lourdes, shop owner and Kiva borrower in Paraguay

So Shop with Curva-Lish to help us earn commissions and turn your dollars into the advancement of women around the world!

Gifts, Confetti, Art Prints, and More!

Colleen Rothschild Beauty

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