Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's Get This Party Started

Hello Everyone!  You maybe asking yourself why did someone create ANOTHER fashion/lifestyle/home&garden blog.  Well, unlike what we have seen,  we cater to the folks who have a sense of style that will probably never appear on a magazine's Best Dressed List because they don't consider best dressed just someone who can spend $10K on a designer handbag.  We also cater to women who want to envelop their own sense of style, worth, home decor and lifestyle but yet be inspired by things they see, hear, touch and feel.

Curva-Lish is about how you live, what you wear, where you go (travel), how you entertain and generally exhibiting the BEST that is you and your approach to life!

We at Curva-Lish celebrate the beauty, style and attitude that the 99% of American women embody and this blog will be everything that celebrates you and how you can continue to develop, maintain or take to the next level your Curva-Lish self!

We hope that Curva-Lish becomes a lifestyle that is talked about, celebrated and a resource for you, your friends and the man that sees you "Get Your Swagga (Back)".

Stay tuned and welcome to a different way to view living an inspired and authentic life of style and the attitude that it takes to be Curva-Lish!

Curva-Lish Team

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