Thursday, August 7, 2014

Be Inspired to Will What You Want

I have been greatly inspired and empowered by the new Under Armour campaign slogan of:


The reason why I love it so much is that it is such an empowering message for women and how you can use your own will to get what you want out of life.  You don't have to be a professional athlete to be inspired by the amazing journey of how someone like spokesperson Misty Copeland overcame circumstances to get what she really wanted:

Misty's story:  She started training too late. She didn't have the right body type. Everything seemed to indicate that Misty Copeland would not be a professional ballerina. Everything except her WILL. Now Misty is a ballerina soloist that is considered one of the most premier ballerinas of all time...all because she decided to be it.

I can completely relate to Misty because, for example, I grew up on the front porch of elder family members and neighborhood families telling stories of our history at catfish fries while watching Dallas Cowboy games.  I considered this a blessing that our family history was being passed down through stories of bravery, loss, and the births of life.

However, as I went to school, I was told repeatedly that I'd never be a good writer and make sure I chose a profession where I wouldn't have to write much.  As you can imagine, this was hard to hear over and over so that by the time I went to college, I had hopes that I could somehow be able to graduate without my lack of writing skills preventing me from getting decent grades.  It didn't.

What I know now as an adult writing blog posts as apart of my profession, it wasn't that I wasn't a good writer, It was that my writing style is truly indicative of my memories of telling a story...not whether it properly aligned to English prose.

It was only through sheer will and belief in myself that I decided to become a blogger that lead to a growing lifestyle brand.  Every time I sit down to write anything, I have to tell myself not to approach it with fear from all those years of hearing that I was a bad writer.  Instead, as Under Armour says, I Will What I Want, which is to create a source for women around the globe to be inspired and empowered to find their authentic style, grace and purpose through the postings on Curva-Lish.

No matter what it is in your heart to do, don't let a negative comment from someone else deter you from fulfilling and experiencing all that you want for your life.  You living a full life has a way of being a gift to all those that know you and those who surround you.  Never stop believing that...shut out those negative voices.

Here's to all women in my hope that what we will is creating what we want...bravo Under Armour!


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