Sunday, June 4, 2017

Splurge vs Steal: The Canvas Tote

Great style and quality can co-exist for the fashionista who doesn't want to sacrifice luxury, but who has a budget that requires them to have to choose which luxury items to splurge on.

Such is the case for the go-to summer bag: the canvas tote.

The canvas tote is the best Summer bag essential because it can take you from poolside to beach side to window shopping and strolling the streets of your favorite summer destinations without missing a stylish beat!

Here is a Splurge vs Steal featuring canvas totes by Balenciaga (from Net-a-Porter) and India Hicks (from India Hicks).

Both bags are brilliant, durable and stylish considering that a canvas tote can be boring on its own. The canvas tote has been so popular though because from a utility standpoint, it's extremely useful. These two canvas totes gives you the best of both worlds: style + utility... brilliant!

Added style comes in the form of black contrast (both brands), pop of color (India Hicks) and an insider detachable pouch (Balenciaga), extendable sides (both brands), two sizes (India Hicks) and more!

All that is left is for you to decide: do you want to splurge or do you want it for a steal?

Balenciaga (Splurge) vs India Hicks (Steal)

Balenciaga's Canvas Tote: $950

Balenciaga Canvas Tote: Detachable Small Purse

Balenciaga Canvas Tote: Inside

India Hicks Canvas Tote: $240 (large), $185 (small)

India Hicks Canvas Tote: Sides Extended

India Hicks Canvas Tote: Inside

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  1. Ok these are both fab. Love that they both can be worn flaps in or out. The Balenciaga has that cute little matching pouch...but the Biscayne is the winner for me with the contrasting color pop and the two sizes. Perfect. I'll be investing in this AND it's the steal. Love!