Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How-To Inspired Wreaths: Football!

Yes, we know it's the holidays and when you first saw wreaths you thought about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Well, we wanted to do something a little different.  What about wreaths that celebrate Football that can also be a fun family project you can do with the kids, your community group or as a fun activity with some girlfriends and wine!

I asked my talented friend Meredith to share her how-to tips and give us a few steps to make a wreath with a football/sports theme that's a different twist than the traditional holiday theme (we'll also cover that in a November post). 

Since we are in the great state of Texas, of course Meredith selected a University of Texas at Austin (UT) (whose chant is "Hook 'Em" and mascot is the Longhorn) and Texas Christian University (TCU) themed wreaths to share with us!

Here are Meredith's tips and steps to make a "Too Easy Tutu Wreath":

Step #1 Start with a styrofoam wreath form and 3-4 6 inch x 25 yard rolls of tulle in the colors and patterns of your choosing. You can find it in a wide variety at most craft stores (or see our links below).  I find that 2 or 4 colors work best.  You will also need accent ribbons and letters or pieces to glue on to accent the wreath depending on your theme.

Step #2 Begin by cutting the tulle into even strips roughly 15-17 inches long.  The easiest way to do this is to wrap it around cardboard lengthwise and cut the ends.

What You'll Need (Step #1)
Step #3 Double knot each strip of tulle around the wreath form as shown, alternating in a pattern of your choosing.  For two colors, I typically do an AABBAABB pattern, for three I've found that ABABCABABC works well.  I used purple, black, and white in the TCU wreath below, and just orange and white on the UT one.

Step #4 Make sure that each knot is very close to the one before it, and continue tying knots until you've gone all the way around the wreath--no hot glue or sewing needed!  When finished, give the wreath a "haircut" to trim any long tulle pieces that are sticking out.

Step #5  Cut your accent ribbons (if you want to use them) into pieces a little shorter than your tulle and knot them around the wreath as well.

Step #6  Finish by gluing accents or letters onto your wreath--whatever your heart desires to match your theme or decor!  You can do a sports team theme, a hobby theme, a family reunion theme, a birthday theme, a best friend theme, a vision/goal theme, etc...the possibilities are endless!  Use your imagination!

To purchase accessories like what Meredith suggests, our partner Amazon has some great options in their Arts, Crafts, and Sewing section for your own "Too Easy Tutu Wreath":

Happy wreath-ing!

Que and Meredith