Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Run Your Own Race

The motivation for this post came to me as I walked along the lake one morning. As I came towards the end of my walk, a guy passing by on a bike yelled, "Get moving and go faster!"  After I got over the shock of how rude I thought his comment was, I sat down at a nearby bench and pondered what would make a total stranger yell something like that?  I was doing my best and running my own race.

When I sat down, that was the first time in the countless times I've been to the lake that I noticed it's beauty.  I always went to the lake with a specific mission in mind: exercise.  There were athletes walking, running, biking, hiking and some parents playing with their children. In other words, everyone was running their own race doing what gave them satisfaction.

This made me think:  the longer I live, the more I am convinced that true, authentic victory in life comes from running your own race.

Then what happened next really surprised me...I realized that I am extremely grateful to be out on that lake walking!  You see, I had major reconstructive knee surgery a few years ago and since moving from Seattle (a colder climate that made it painful to just walk) to a warmer climate in Texas, my quality of life and health has improved tremendously!  I've been living in Texas for about 10 years and this was the first time I could recall sitting calm and still, thankful for better health and greater mobility in my knees.

I started Curva-Lish for exactly this same reason: to figure out how to focus on running my own race.  I love fashion, I love style and home d├ęcor but I also love learning new things in the areas of self development, purpose and tools to create greater happiness and self awareness.  After searching for a blog that would help me with being a "work in progress" and not finding one, I created Curva-Lish to be such a resource for all those who felt the same way I did!

Inspired and Authentic Life of Style, Purpose and Grace

What's also interesting is I created Curva-Lish's first post on the one year anniversary after I resigned from my corporate job so that I could replace that date with a memory of not being scared to death of what life would unfold but of a memory when I dared to create something believing that my experience wasn't the only one.

It has been a little over a year since Curva-Lish began and I am always startled at who reads the posts: our top 5 locations where Curva-Lish is read is the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and India. This proves what I thought from the beginning...the experiences of being a woman is universal no matter your country. We are all seeking out tools, resources and ways to live the most inspired and authentic life we can.

I hope you all will continue to read and support the blog by signing up for updates via email and forward to your girlfriends!  You can also support Curva-Lish by shopping with our partners who took a chance on what started as a small blog whose future is bright with a readership that grows every month! (You must be viewing the full web version to sign up for the newsletter and shop with our partners)

Curva-Lish is a labor of my absolute purest love and although I really hope you are enjoying it, the interviews, research, time and reading I have to do to write the posts have a way of opening up a new door for me which I consider to be priceless!

I recently ran across this book that I'd highly recommend to help you on your journey for inspiration and authenticity:  How Good Do You Want to Be?

And remember, run your own race (even when there are jerks yelling at you to go faster!) and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the posts, ideas for future posts, guest posting or anything else that is on your mind!  Send us an email or comment below...thanks!

Curva-Lish Team