Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year, New You: Five Essentials For Your Health

As we prepare our minds for the new year, many set out to incorporate a newly improved fit lifestyle. This time of year brings a barrage of determined folks who declare that "THIS is THE year"! The year to ditch the extra pounds packed on from late nights in the office, left over from a pregnancy, or maybe even piled on from years of momma's good home cooking. Whatever the reason, declare THIS to be your year!

Dianna at Bikini Competition
We are excited to bring you this feature by Dianna of Empower House Fitness (EHF).  Dianna is passionate about helping clients get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Through EHF, Dianna has partnered with countless individuals in meeting their health and fitness goals by using techniques normally only known in the bodybuilding community.  She efficiently transforms client's bodies by using meal planning, low impact cardio, and resistance training along with the EHF PPT (TM)-- Portions, Pairing and Timing!
Here are five essentials Dianna shared with us to implement as you set out to become a better version of yourself.
1. Be clear on your "Why"!
Why do you want to improve your overall health? Jot down a few reminders in a place that you will regularly see so that when things get tough- and oh they will - you can keep your focus.
For example:
Actual EHF Clients- Results Vary
- That red dress in the back of your closet that you used to wear for your anniversary dinner with your husband!
- More energy.... I don't want to be tired in the middle of the day!

- I want the family legacy of obesity related diseases (diabetes / heart disease) to stop with me!
- I want to feel sexy again! 

2. Water, water, W-A-T-E-R!
Your water bottle should be your new best friend -- take it everywhere you go and refill often! Start your day with 8 or more ounces of water, and stay hydrated all day. That morning refreshment "wakes" up your organs & boosts you're metabolism. I recommend at least a gallon a day!

3. Make a weekly meal plan!  
Create a weekly menu and shop for ingredients on the weekend. I recommend pre-cooking all of your food on Sunday, so that you can grab and go during the week. Nothing good ever comes when we are hungry and don't feel like cooking! 

4. Eat often!
Eat small meals every 2.5-3 hours, totaling 4-6 meals per day. Forget about the three high calorie meals a day -breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating regularly keeps your body fed, therefore eliminating the need to keep the "rainy day" storage aka excess fat stores. When we eat frequently, our body trusts that it will get all the nutrition it needs and can release the excess. 

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Note: Every meal should contain a lean protein, e.g. egg whites, white meat (chicken / turkey), beef, bison, or low carb/low sugar protein shakes- to feed your lean muscle mass. Additionally, one serving of fruit and carbs a day is sufficient for those wanting to reduce their body fat %. Most of your food consumption should come from lean meat & veggies.

5. Get moving and plan out your workouts! 

Whether its walking around the block or lifting weights, figure out the number of days, duration, and time dedicated to moving. As good ole Winston Churchill said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail!"

You can do this! This is the year to incorporate sustainable changes that will last the test of time! Creating a better version of yourself daily doesn't mean making drastic changes overnight, but executing small disciplines that add up to big results!

To contact Dianna about meeting your 2014 fitness goals and information about the EHF plan of transformation, you can email her at or follow her on her Facebook page at! Mention "Curva-Lish" and receive 15% off!

Be inspired to make 2014 your year and as Dianna says: Ready, Set, Go!

Curva-Lish Team

About Dianna Moore
Founder of EmpowerHouse Fitness (EHF),  Dianna is a motivational speaker, life & body transition coach, bikini athlete, spinning instructor, author, and a mom.