Friday, April 4, 2014

Put Yourself First

Essence magazine asked a great question: How do you put yourself first?

Women are notoriously known as being such amazing care givers and supporters that it is easy for us to overlook the fact that if we always put ourselves last, we will not be able to be the best we can be for others.

In an article written in their May, 2014 issue by Sharon Boone (apart of their You First! series), she gave the top five tips for putting yourself first:

Tip #1:  Do a lingerie purge: Get rid of all your stretched-out, faded everyday under-garments and replace them with silky, sexy, colorful pieces!

Tip #2:  Make sure that new dress you buy doesn't require Spanx for you to look fly.  It is possible to be both cute and comfortable this season.

Tip #3: Let love rule and step away from negative comments on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Tips #4: Buy a fragrant shower gel with a delicious scent that transforms your bathroom into a spa.  Let it be known to all in your house that this is just for you.

Tip #5:  Eat dinner off the good dishes/china, at the dining table that always set but never used.  Why save your sparkle when you can shine anytime?

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Curva-Lish Team