Friday, May 16, 2014

An Example of Why Authenticity Matters

Why do we focus on empowering you to find your own authenticity whether that be authentic style, operating with grace or living out your purpose?  Because like Oprah, your most richest life of peace, joy, wealth and overall wholeness stems from authenticity.

But what is authenticity?

Authentic: real, genuine, true and accurate, made to be or look like an original
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

And as Oprah is suggesting in her quote, don't wait to decide to live authentically.  Decide today.  Every great change starts with making a decision.  You making a decision to hone in on who you really (authentically) are will cause all your actions, the way you see things and the way you interact with others to also align...

We believe being Curva-Lish is not about seeking approval from others to be who you were meant to's about being inspired to live life from your core as your life evolves: motherhood, career promotion, stylish update, renewed relationship with long lost friend, healing from past hurts, etc.

Be authentic, shed the excess baggage, and live your life brilliantly!

Curva-Lish Team