Sunday, May 4, 2014

Keys to Timeless and Elegant Aging: Eat Healthy, Be Open to Change and Have Great Sex!

In their latest "50 Most Beautiful" issue, People Magazine highlighted women who have been able to look, act and feel half their age!  We skipped over all the other articles and hones in on the wisdom these five, dazzling women shared their secrets to their decades-defying beauty.

We summarized their best secrets below...pick up your latest copy of People for more!

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Sharon Stone, 56
"...I feel even more excited (now) because I don't feel afraid." And as she ages, she embraces change.  "Say a warm goodbye to the thing you were before," she says.  "And then you're free to say, "What great thing am I going to be now?"

Garcelle Beauvais, 47
"I have eczema, so I'm really on top of my skin in terms of moisturizing.  I also try to eat healthy, but I'm not crazy about it." says the mom of three. "If I'm with my kids and it's pizza night, I am having a couple of pieces for sure!"  As for exercise, Beauvis--who does Pilates and runs on a treadmill-- came up with a routine that fits perfectly into her busy life. "I joined a gym right next to my kids' school," she says.  "So I can drop them off and then have no excuse."

Molly Sims, 40
The mother of 22-month-old Brooks follows some healthy rules: "I take cat naps.  I exercise. I eat less bread and don't eat late at night.  I drink water from a straw.  It helps me consume more."  She also says, "When you look at a picture you're like 'Gosh I don't love that'...but you look at that same picture two years later and you're like, 'I look so good!' So I appreciate the moment."

Gina Gershon, 51
What's Gershon's secret to staying in top shape? "If you're living a great life and having sex with someone you're madly in love with, that is key." says the star.  "I've been doing yoga for 25 years; that's helped a lot. I also think Silver Tequila is the greatest. Any diet I've ever done, I've had Silver Tequila and dark chocolate."
More than anything, Gershon believes that Americans should stop focusing so much on birthdays.  "I went to Papua New Guinea a couple of years ago, and you could not tell if someone was the son or the father or the grandfather.  It occurred to me that in our society, we'd be happier people if we didn't obsess about age and didn't have mirrors."

Trudie Styler, 60
After enduring a series of corrective surgeries as a child after a truck accident, Styler, hasn't always felt beautiful.  "I've tripled the amount of greens that I eat.  I have a big plate of cabbage, broccoli, with beans, nuts and seeds--my skin is much more hydrated."  The yoga devotee of 24 years maintains her long legs with at least an hour of exercise five days a week.  "I meditate twice a day.  That quiet is very important for inner tranquility, and I think that beauty begins on the inside."

Their methods maybe unconventional, their views maybe different but they all prove the point, "To thine own self be true".  Timeless and elegant aging is impossible if you don't figure out what authentically works for you!

Have a great week and let us know on our Facebook page what methods work for you!

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