Friday, September 19, 2014

Makeup Your Destiny with Charlotte Tilbury!

Credit: Charlotte Tilbury
I am constantly inspired by the many ways people in different countries, professions and ages inspire and empower others through their work or causes that are close to heart.  Famous makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury is another great example...


What is makeup your destiny about?

According to Tilbury: "...launching an empowering new social campaign called #MakeupYourDestiny it’s all about transforming people’s confidence and giving them the self-belief to achieve their destiny.  I believe everyone is capable of getting the very best from their life and has the right to create their own destiny – they just need the confidence and self-empowerment to get there.  For me, makeup is my secret weapon to put my best foot forward in life." 

Charlotte Tilbury: Before and After
Who is Charlotte Tilbury? Based out of the United Kingdom, even after 20 years as a make-up artist working in the fashion and beauty industry, Tilbury notes how constantly the incredible transformative power of make-up can be. As a girl Tilbury was fascinated by the effect of a beautiful woman walking into a room, and always wondered how she did it. Then, at 13 Tilbury discovered mascara and had her epiphany moment: through the power of make-up every woman can feel and look beautiful!  She now works with celebrities, everyday women and everyone in between...inspiring others all along the way!

Note: Charlotte Tilbury's new makeup and beauty line just launched in the United States at Nordstrom...the rave reviews could not even be contained in this post but trust us, the enhancing effect of her bestselling sophisticates makeup set, eye-shadow palettes and beauty tools will make you a believer!

I am sure you are aware how great the #ALSIceBucketChallenge was and continues to be.  We are hoping that this post encourages another viral explosion...choosing to #MakeupYourDestiny.
Tilbury continues: "This is something really close to my heart and I would love for you to support it by doing your own #MakeupYourDestiny post on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I’m sure your words of advice, whether emotional, serious or fun, will be INSPIRING to so many people, they (your words) could help someone change their life for the better."
Isn't this awesome!
To join in the inspirational fun, here's what you need to do...
1. All you have to do is post a split screen image of your younger self and a picture of you now. You can use free apps such as Picstitch to create a before and after photo.
Before and After: Quenita Fagan

2. Underneath your before/after – write a caption in which you give some words of advice that you would tell your younger self.
3. Please tag Tilbury @CTilburymakeup, and use the hash-tags #MakeUpYourDestiny and #IAmCurvalish. (Use our #IAmCurvalish hashtag to be featured on this blog and our Facebook page at
4. And, don’t forget to nominate your friends to do it too, so they can spread the word…
What I would tell my younger self: "You are going to survive.  Live and don't look back.  Don't ever dim your light based on other's opinion."
I will be nominating our current Curva-Lish Ambassadors, some inspiring girlfriends and a few women that I think are rockstars!  Stay tuned as we will be posting their pictures in our right-hand menu!
Even if I don't know you and you are reading this post, please post yours so that Charlotte can know that her concept is reaching women around the world and we will continue to #MakeupYourDestiny.
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