Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gifts I Love: Love Tokens!

Most people who live in Europe are familiar with the tradition of giving and receiving Love Tokens for different life occasions but for me, it was completely new when I become an India Hicks Style Ambassador.

The tradition of giving love tokens dates back centuries and for her new lifestyle brand, India Hicks created a line of Love Tokens that has the size and weight of the British Pound.  The tokens come in silver and gold and you can order a chain separately or add the token to a leather bracelet, existing chain, etc.

I absolutely love them and they are now the only jewelry I wear besides my rings and earrings.

India Hicks with uber Interior Designer Jan Showers

Hope Token: Perfect for Those Who Need Hope

Cross Token: Perfect for Those Whose Faith is Important

Perfect for Those Who Need a Dose of Fire and Inspiration

Perfect for Entrepreneurs, Starting a Big Life Event, etc.

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