Saturday, January 16, 2016

Exclusive Preview: Gorgeous India Hicks Spring, 2016 Debut

Today was a funday work day filled with coaching and client assessments but also...all the Style Ambassadors of India Hicks had the pleasure of getting the opportunity of seeing the debut of the India Hicks Spring, 2016 collection from the leadership retreat in Miami, Florida.

Here's a sneak peak of the collection that will be fully available on Monday, January 18th.  And true to what we'd expect from the collection, the new pieces are filled with whimsy balanced with a sophistication that will be widely appealing to those women who want something unique, stylish and well made at a direct sales price point.

You can certainly expect our collection to give retailers and fashion houses a run for their money because unlike big box stores, crowded malls or magazine advertisements, there are over 600 fabulous Style Ambassadors who are more than willing to give you the personalized style inspiration, customer appreciation and Girl Boss service you'd expect from a Live Extraordinary Tribe!

You can shop the collection at our Curva-Lish Style Ambassador site HERE! And you can also read more information on how YOU can become an India Hicks Style Ambassador and join our awesome tribe of women who are choosing to Live Extraordinary!  Make your 2016 epic!

Black Leather with Suede Flap Handbag

Suede Hobo

Indi Pendants

Heritage Prints Totes

Color Blocked Wing Leather Handbag

Inspiration for Your Travels

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