Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The New Savvy Neutral

Historically, when fashion has referred to neutrals it is normally black, white, grey or tan.

For me, I am always looking at ways to keep my style fresh and sexy without ever becoming boring.

One of the ways I've managed to do that is to create my own rules of what I think is neutral.

I purchased these Banana Republic reptile print pumps that I wear as my neutral with navy blue classic dresses, jeans with a white t-shirt, with a little black dress (LBD)...the list is endless!

I get compliments on these heels from men and women and the best part...I can comfortably walk in them all day!

Good news for you?  They are on sale at Banana Republic along with other items on their site at 50% or more off select items!

Get your (neutral) sexy oooon!

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