Sunday, January 18, 2015

Connecting One "Girls Nite In" at a Time!

In our world of social media and calling casual acquaintances friends, what are we to do?  It used to be that neighbors lived next to each other for 20+ years and connecting with friends and family happened over a great phone conversation, annual family reunions, weekly dinner parties, etc.

I know for me, I have literally lived in six different states in my life from childhood through to adulthood.  My friendships have changed, evolved and somehow even though my social media account says I have over 1,000 "friends" on all the different platforms, I don't feel that way at all!

Our Great "Girls Nite In" Group
So, me being me, I wanted to do something about it.  Since I am a small-business owner, blogger and overall love meeting people, for 2015 I wanted to facilitate small at-home "Girls Nite In" sessions where women can connect over our mutual desire to be happy, live with joy, be in great relationships and share our struggles for wholeness.

It is basically taking the message of this blog's core purpose of authenticity and taking it on the road here in Texas!

So when I sent a simple Facebook message out to some local friends to host me and their friends at their home, I was so happy when my friend Mairo Simpson of The Working Wife heeded the call!

So last Friday, Mairo and her friends and co-workers gathered at her beautiful home.  She had wine, chicken wings, fruit trays, and other great snacks.  Her husband and children left for the movie theater and we were excited to learn and share our wisdom together in what I themed "Using the Wisdom of the Exceptional Woman".

I brought the tools that I have used with some of my life and career coaching clients, wisdom shared at one of my leadership groups, my own experiences and used a discussion format for others to share.  There were tears, plenty of laughter and high-fives!

The mission was accomplished!

So I would challenge you to connect in a meaningful way with your friends, co-workers, board members, fellow moms, etc.  Not just by keeping track of their social media posts but hosting a "Girls Nite In"!

As a discussion tool for your Girls Nite In discussion (and one of the tools I use with clients and when I facilitate these groups) can be accessed complimentary HERE!  I use this assessment to start the discussion because for most people, getting a clear gauge of where their confidence level is can be a great indicator of how to frame and go after the goals that will give their life the most meaning!

If you need help with programming for your "Girls Nite In" or need help interpreting and utilizing your confidence assessment results, send me an email and get my "Make 2015 Your Year" coaching training special!  I would be happy to help!



  1. Thank you for posting Que! Your class was both insightful and thought provoking! I'm super happy to have been there to take part in it. Thank you for investing your time in us! What a wonderful way to kick start 2015!


  2. Que, I had the BESTEST time! I got way more than I bargained for...including a few new real, live friends. 😄