Saturday, January 17, 2015

Foodie Paradise with Pirch!

Adding fresh herbs to the potatoes
I always seek a way to support businesses that do good.  My introduction to Pirch was because they do good!

When I volunteered with the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) before Christmas at Northpark Mall, one of my responsibilities was to round up the cake from Pirch and Chef Connie that they were donating for auction to pay for 300 NTFB meals!

So I promised Chef Connie I'd be back to support their store.

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day with my new friends Chef Connie and Chef Simon at the Dallas Pirch location for their "Saturday Sourcing" event.  Pirch is technically a modern appliance store that has brilliantly figured out how to woo-in high-end clientele and designers: create an environment that is inspirational, sleek and light and add a heavy dose of cooking, demonstrations and fun!

Their list of events is so vast that I honestly couldn't believe they don't consider themselves a part-time restaurant!  And it works!

As we sliced, diced and made some of the most yummiest food you can imagine, there were customers venturing into and out of the kitchen to get a front row seat of how the wood burning oven, Thermador and other appliances actually worked...I thought that was brilliant!

Chef Simon Demonstrates Cutting Technique
Cooking Class:
Pirch's Saturday Sourcing cooking class is limited to 12 spots and fills up FAST!  And they only book in-person at the store and only four weeks in advance.

I felt lucky that they fit me in so that I could experience it!

I particularly love Sourcing Saturday because, according to their website: "Mother Nature called. Your groceries are ready. A member of the PIRCH culinary team will gather fresh produce and meats from local farmer's markets. Then you'll help produce a dish from those ingredients."

Our brunch menu also included pancakes (with the option of chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, bananas, etc.), farm raised eggs and delectable potatoes (recipe will be posted tomorrow!).

Our class was brunch themed and started with a lesson from Chef Simon on the proper way to cut a tenderloin.  I couldn't stop staring at how skillfully he sliced off the excess and how beautifully colored the meat was...nice!

Chef Connie was equally a patient and informative master cook who gently supported participants as we flipped pancakes, sliced up onion, fruit and potatoes and she made sure everyone was having a great time!

Tenderloins Cooking in Pirch's Wood Stone Oven

Gorgeous Steaks, Potatoes, Eggs and Pankcakes

The Fun and Hard Work Pays Off

I would highly recommend you find a Pirch in your area and attend one of their many classes.  It is well worth your time and aspirational goals to see how it's REALLY done!

Shout out to Chef Connie, Chef Simons and Teagan for hosting me!

Do you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area?  If so, join me and have a Curva-Lish fun time with Pirch at Sourcing Saturday on February 28, 2015!  Limited to the first eight fabulous Curva-Lish fans so please only sign up if you are sure you can attend!  RSVP to!


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