Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Things I Love: Glamboxes!

I bumped into the world of Glamboxes on Instagram.  I liked them because they are made of clear lucite acrylic and can be matched to any decor. They are also easy to keep clean!

The Glamboxes bring style and organization to chaos.  Don't believe me, see for yourself in this before and after!

Photo Credit: Glamboxes Instagram

Glamboxes give you a glamorous way to organize, store, and display all of your jewelry from necklaces to rings, earrings and cuffs.  It also provides great storage for beauty products that you use frequently but takes up a lot of counter space. 

Glamboxes are becoming quite popular and I love that each Glambox is custom made by hand in the USA!

P.S. Curva-Lish is affiliated with Glamboxes which means I will receive a commission on sales.

I hope you like yours as much as I do!

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