Monday, July 20, 2015

The Power of Finding Your Soul Tribe

If you have followed Curva-Lish for any period of time by now you know how inspired I am by bad-ass women...but unlike how the media defines a bad-ass woman, the Curva-Lish definition of bad-ass is a woman who is constantly evolving, loving, learning, giving, and through it all, being purposeful about living their most authentic life.

Bryana and Her Life Passion: Yoga
This post is inspired by a woman I first discovered on Instagram! Bryana Witt is deeply spiritual with a little bit of attitude thrown in! Her posts are sometimes thought provoking and sometimes hilarious, and one thing's for sure, her posts are never boring!

She recently posted about "Soul Tribe" and with her permission, I'm sharing with you to be inspired to connect with a Tribe that loves, supports and encourages you through your soul-ish times of change, transitions and your authentic evolution!

From Bryana: "Everyone has a Soul Tribe. This type of family is not necessarily our closest blood relatives, but rather, it is people whose deepest truth finds " like resonance" with others.

Our Soul Tribe develops over time.

It blossoms as we ourselves grow and become spiritually mature enough to recognize one another.

How do we know our true Soul Tribe?

A family is what most of us either have or don't have, and sometimes not necessarily by our choice. Some of us are closest to our blood relatives, and some are not, which IS our choice by how we perceive them. Friends, like family members, can be life lines that give us support and encouragement, as well as maddening challenges. Friends are usually in our lives by our choice. Our friends are our friend, either because we feel comfortable and at ease with them or because they provide the greatest opportunities for us to grow and learn valuable relationship lessons.
All Photo Credits: Bryana Witt (Instagram)

But a Soul Tribe feels different than family or friends.

They are those who accept and love us without condition or expectations. Our souls don't need fixing, rearranging, or changing and those in a Soul Tribe mutually know this (fact). Our Soulies are the people who not only support and encourage us like good friends, but they celebrate our Genius. They are the ones who sit at the edge of their seats anxiously waiting to hear every word we say!

By our own thoughts and actions we create a certain vibration or specific frequency of our particular 'soul song'. Soulies are magnets for others to be drawn into their chosen tribe. We do make the conscious choice to embrace members of our Soul Tribe because it feels natural, exhilarating and wondrous that such creative people have 'found' us.

There is a bigger story to a Soul Tribe Family. They have come together for a greater purpose than procreating children, building a home or sharing stories and fond memories...not that those things are not glorious aspects of our humanity...but...there's more. Soul Tribes operate from the highest spiritual vantage point, not from ego. There is no jealousy, fear, greed or worry about competition."

Don't you love that! I was so freaking inspired that I was willing to stalk Bryana until she agreed to let me post her amazing write up!

Find or re-affirm your Soul Tribe and as always, keep it Curva-Lish!

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