Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stop Apologizing!

Tara Williams
I was so inspired to write this post based on an Instagram post by my friend Tara Williams!

Tara is a wife, mom, crafts ninja and super star Style Ambassador with India Hicks Style.

Here's what Tara posted:

"I was late to a meeting today because I had to get my son to school first. I apologized to the group. Then a kind woman came up to me and said this:

(and she then) followed with " That's the first thing I learned in law school, do not be sorry for doing what's best for your family.""

This is such an empowering statement that only a fellow woman who's been there can understand!

This made me think about how we all make apologies for what's really important to us even when it makes us late, tardy, embarrassed, etc.

Stop apologizing!

I repeat, stop apologizing!

You know what's important to you...don't ever apologize for that, EVER!

Sure, there will be people who won't understand but it's not for them to understand!

Be bold.

Be fabulous.

Be Authentic.

Believe...and always keep it Curva-Lish!

1 comment:

  1. Amen. Sister.
    Confidence is Silent.
    Doubt is noisy. Be bold. Never say sorry for putting your family first.
    xo Patricia