Monday, December 7, 2015

Slay Your Fear and Get Free

This post (and picture) was inspired by a client and my own experiences with making the choice to face self-imposed fears.

What I Know For Sure: Dealing/managing your fear and living a brave life is not just a one-time decision nor one season of life. 

To live bravely entails multiple decisions throughout one's lifetime (see my post from yesterday) made (bravely) over and over and over and over again. 

No amount of money, connections, support or insider information will give you a free pass from fear.

Do it anyway.

Get free. Live free. Be free. Again and again.

And keep checking Curva-Lish...there will always be something posted to empower you to live authentic-ally with purpose, with grace and in style. It's the mission I created almost four years ago and it hasn't changed since! 


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