Thursday, April 26, 2018

Testimonial: "President Of" or Be It?

Credit: @ruthie_davis

My 3rd job in footwear was VP Women’s Footwear at Tommy Hilfiger.

I took all-American preppy into a new chic, fashion street direction.

One day between work trips, my husband asked, “I’m curious…is your goal to be President of Tommy Hilfiger or Tommy Hilfiger?”

My answer was clear and soon thereafter I launched Ruthie Davis.

I love this startup testimonial by Davis because as a coach I have found that there really are two types of people in this world and that's okay!

There are those who aspire to be what I'm calling "President of", meaning you work brilliantly for and with someone else who calls the main shots.

And then there are those whose visions are so strong and innate that their brilliance shines the best when they "Be it", meaning the person calling the shots to make sure the vision happens.

Neither is right or wrong.

Just make sure you play the game according to your most brilliant lane!

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