Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dare to Own Your Space

In West Village Dallas, most restaurants and store fronts are occupied with just the standard red and tan building construction the developers created. 

And then there is Suit Supply!

Suit Supply is in a league of its own. 

Instead of having the typical brick storefront, they first created their standout space with a black vertical, textured facade.

And they didn’t stop there...they also created a side walk appeal that hardly any other West Village store front ever does! They regularly change out the plants bordering their sidewalk space and the plants in their vast flower pots. 

I caught these pics as they were changing over and installing their fresh seasonal plants. 

In other words, Suit Supply takes command of their space and #ownit!

Question: are taking command of your space and owning it? 

You can never hope to stand out and be considered a game changer if you are just operating amongst the tan and red standard bricks. 

Own it!

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