Wednesday, June 20, 2018

You Are Not Alone: Suicide Prevention and Therapy Help

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Like most people I was shocked and saddened by the recent suicidal deaths of two illustrious and inspirational people: Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

The shock felt around the world centered around the perception of two people who appeared to have lives that was the envy of others, including family and friends who never predicted their untimely deaths.

What added an additional layer of shock was the fact that both Kate and Anthony inspired a lot of people around the world to live their best lives and do it with compassion (Anthony encouraging fans to explore and learn from other cultures through food) and a whole lotta style (Kate encouraged fans to envelop the joy from bright colors that added aliveness to your outfits and home).

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In my own personal life I have been indirectly touched by suicide.

I've had to talk at least three people out of committing suicide (of which two incidents I had to franticly show up at their residence and one over a long distance phone call).

And more recently, two weeks before the Kate Spade suicide a young man jumped from the balcony of his luxury highrise apartment building in a neighborhood I frequent. All the other high achieving professionals in this compact urban Uptown area were shocked but you also saw some faces of acknowledgement.

The acknowledgement was one of questioning whether the cost and sacrifice of the high level of success they were experiencing is giving them a life of happiness and wholeness that they always assumed came with success.

Instead of being like most of the world who only talks about the tragedies, I found an anonymous resource that is an every day option to support you long before you get the points of feeling hopeless.

Get Therapy Support

With the advancement of technology, thankfully that is making traditional models of accessing resources and support more widely available, including therapy.

TalkSpace is anonymous therapy platform that matches those seeking help for life's tough situations with a professional therapist.

And I'm not talking about a therapist he you have .make a complicated appointment and take a half day off work to physically show up at a counselor's office.

TalkSpace gives you affordable options (plans start at $49/week) of communicating with your matched therapist through texting and emailing or one on one voice calls.

You get to decide how you want your therapist communication and frequency to be applied.

Here's some of the ways in which therapy can help, including those who feel their hope being impacted by all that's going in in their lives and and what going on in the world...

I pray you know that you are not alone and that help for processing life's tough situations is only a click and matched therapist away with TalkSpace...blessings to you.

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