Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy National Lipstick Day 2014!

Pic Credit Hannah Bronfman (Get Her Lipstick Jouer Here)
Did you know today (July 29th) is National Lipstick Day?

How did this day get started?  Here's a little history:  Lipstick was most likely invented by ancient Mesopotamian women who crushed jewels to decorate their lips. Cleopatra’s lipstick was made from crushed carmine beetles, while shinier lipsticks were made with a substance extracted from fish scales. When lipstick first reached England and the Americas it was considered a garish cosmetic only worn by prostitutes and loose women (What???...I didn't know that!). In fact, in 1770 a law was proposed to the British Parliament that annulled a marriage if the bride had worn cosmetics before her wedding day! 

By the late 1880s a perfumer in Paris had created the first commercial lipstick. Made from deer tallow, castor oil, and beeswax, it was sold in silk paper. But by 1912 lipstick was finally considered acceptable for the average American woman, and a decade later flappers popularized dark red lipstick as a symbol of their independence.

Today’s lipsticks are made from a mixture of wax, oils, emollients, and antioxidants, with most U.S manufactured brands adding pig fat or castor oil to give the “lip rouge” it’s signature shine.  Lipstick is considered the most basic of the holy trinity of makeup: Lipstick, Mascara and Bronzer/Powder.

Do you want some creative ideas to update your lipstick shade?

Here are my picks:
  • One of our favorite brands is by YSL (currently having a gift with purchase)...the shades are long wearing and gorgeous for all skin shades!
  • I love Jouer like Hannah because their lipsticks have a "smooth, soft finish and powerful moisturizing properties of Brazil's Cupuaçu Butter, which hydrates for beauty and gives lips a treatment."
  • Motives moisture rich lipstick has great colors for women of color (Hispanic and African American)
  • There is the bestselling MAC lipstick Russian Red (limited stock); you can also find it here or one of their limited edition colors by Proenza Schouler.
  • If you want a more designer, dramatic and sleek look, Marc Jacobs Beauty has some amazing shades
So pucker up and celebrate National Lipstick Day!


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