Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kid and Family Friendly Travel with Kid & Coe!

When you are a family with small children, I understand that traveling with your small children can be challenging from airport navigation to living arrangements!  I seriously don't understand how some families do it but hopefully this post will make your life a tad bit easier!

I recently discovered the amazing world of Kid&Coe...think VRBO (vacation rental by owner) but for families with small children who needs to know where there are rentals that can accommodate a family including cribs, etc.

Kid&Coe is a vacation rental website that simplifies modern family travel. 

How do they do this? Kid&Coe provides a carefully selected list of kid-friendly residences combined with curated insider guides.  From child care essentials to coveted neighborhood locations, they offer everything you need to make a home away from home for the whole family!

Ivanka Trump (from her Facebook page) says about Kid&Coe:  "It's no secret we love to travel-and we're always looking for the lateste and greatest when it comes to bringing the little ones....if you're not going the hotel route, we've found a new site to troll."

Kid&Coe is like VRBO with the minis in mind: think a family-friendly cottage on the Cape or an apartment in Barcelona, equipped with stroller, crib and play things aplenty.  Vacationing as a family has never been easier (or more fun!).

The Kid&Coe model is based on a three-pronged approach of:

  1. Stress free family vacations
  2. Local secrets unlocked
  3. All the comforts of home

I also saw where they have destinations all over the world!  From the United States (several states with 10 cities in California alone) to Greece to The Bahamas to Tuscany and Paris!  There is no shortage of options for you and your family.

I also found there site to be well-curated, amazing pictures and for your safety, all transactions for the rentals are done through the site by setting up a quick profile.  I love that part!

Happy booking and let us know how you like Kid&Coe!


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