Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Elegance, Grace and Style with India Hicks

I grew up reading Vogue magazine from the time I was 14 years old.  Even though I lived in a humble part of Seattle at the time, I was drawn to the images of women, parties, and couture as if I had myself known that all my life.

This history developed a keen "eye" for great design, timeless and classic clothing and an inextricable viewpoint of what would develop in me a greater awareness of the authenticity that I sought as I have matured.

So I was pleasantly surprised and excited upon hearing of an Independent Style Ambassador, ground floor opportunity through the newly formed (it's only 8 weeks old) India Hicks brand.

Who is India Hicks?
From years of reading Vogue, I knew of India Hicks as a stylish woman who seemed to live life on her own terms.  And this symbolism seems to still be consistent with who she is today and the woman interviewed recently by MORE magazine.

Hicks has not had the traditional life of someone who comes from her background.  Yes she was one of the flower girls in Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles and yes she comes from a strong lineage such as her noteworthy interior design father.

These things didn't draw me to Hicks.

What drew me to Hicks is that her countenance and view on life is steeped in a woman searching for her own authenticity.  It would have been easy for her to ride the coat tails of her lineage, bow down to the accolades that her brother receives and just become a "silent" wife.

She instead chose to find her own voice and live in her truth, including moving to Harbour Island and making a home there for her family. Her life and move to Harbour Island are big influences on her newly formed company and the stories she shares with each product, accessory and fragrance.

Or as Hicks would say it: "(My company) encourages women to live an extraordinary life."

India Hicks Style
When Hicks made an Instagram post about her new beginnings in creating a company that would "offer women the opportunity to be at the center of their own businesses, headquartered from their own homes, on their own terms" I was intrigued.

The opportunity includes a direct selling model of some of the best well-crafted, detailed and exclusive products I have seen in a long while.  And unlike our times of cheap, mass produced products, Hicks has been very intentional with curating not only quality products but products that tell the story of Hicks and her life adventures.

For example, one of my favorite products from her line is a fragrance called "English Rose" with a caption relating to her English roots: "capturing a summer's day in my parents' secret garden- freshly mowed grass, rose and peony petals, and a hint of warm rain".  I LOVE it!

India Hicks Style Ambassador Opportunity
As I perused the India Hicks website, I noticed an opportunity to become an India Hicks Style Ambassador.  Without hesitation I read about how Hicks purposefully selected a direct selling model for women in order to:
  • Create a force of entrepreneurial trailblazers;
  • Defy the traditional shopping experience by selling the collection through networks of extraordinary women;
  • Provide a more meaningful shopping experience where women could get together and share their own stories.
As you can see, this is consistent with an expanded view of the branding of what I think of why I created Curva-Lish.

I signed up and am now an Independent Style Ambassador!

You can look forward to seeing content about my journey as an Independent Style Ambassador for the India Hicks brand and I have one question:  Will You Join Me?

Join me:  shop at my Independent Style Ambassador store, host a get together (in-person or virtually) and become a#GirlBoss as an Independent Style Ambassador!

Life is an adventure as India Hicks has showed us already and my goal is to be one of those people who are able to say I have "Dared Greatly" and "Lived Extraordinarily"...will you?


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