Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sourcing Saturday at Pirch

I'm so excited as I am continuing to expand Curva-Lish as a brand that is an empowering lifestyle resource that speaks to the woman who is tuned in with what she wants, what she likes and yet, is also evolving herself to new, authentic places!

Yesterday, I hosted our 1st Curva-Lish hosted event at one of my favorite stores: Pirch!

What is Pirch? To say Pirch is a high-end home appliances store would be missing the point of their existence. The best way to describe this store is in their manifesto about the secret to life:

OUR MANIFESTO: One part Passion, One part Conviction, One part Macaroni and Cheese.
Would you like to know the secret to life?
Okay, but If you don’t mind, we’ll dispense with the drumroll, and just get on with it.
Which, by the way, is the secret to life: GET ON WITH IT.
Live it now, with all your might. Use it up. Wring it out. Leave it gasping in a corner, asking “Did anyone get the license plate number?”
Please remember, there is no second act. Life has no back-button. No rewind. We simply journey through moments, and then those moments are gone.
But what’s that got to do with buying a tub, or a grill, or a range? What’s that got to do with a “Battle Cry”?
Well, we wrote it to remind us of our daily mission. And our mission is to make moments count.
That might take the form of a candle-lit bubble bath. Or game-day steaks with lifetime friends. Or, the world’s best mac & cheese, made by a dad for his three little girls, who will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.
Make no mistake: moments are everything.
And that is the secret to life.

Don't you love that?

Pirch lives out this mission by having in-store events across the country that immerses the community in the uniqueness of their brand and how that immersion leads to customers and clientele who share the beauty of their manifesto.  On Saturdays, that is "Sourcing Saturday" where attendees "learn first-hand about fresh, seasonal ingredients and method cooking".

Yesterday was so much fun and here are some fabulous pics for you to enjoy!  Stay tuned for our next Curva-Lish hosted will be spectacular!

Part of our fantastic Curva-Lish Group!

MORE magazines gifted to each attendee

Getting the purple lettuce ready for the salad

Attendee Evelyn Hall & Pirch Chef checking on the Frittata

The organic tomatoes

Sauteeing the organic vegetables for the egg frittata
Ready to eat!

Of course I can't show you the over 40 pictures we took but the final product was fun, engaging and so darn good!  It included a mushroom/parsnips side dish, flank steak, mixed greens salad with goat cheese, grapefruit coated in a grapefruit vinaigrette,  and an egg frittatta!  It was topped with the chef taking some homemade ice cream and working it over a block of salt before being scooped up in bowls.  The ice cream had a sweet/salty taste that was perfectly divine!

Check out Pirch and go have some fun with your friends...let them know Curva-Lish sent ya!

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