Thursday, April 16, 2015

India Hicks Dallas Launch Party: #LiveExtraordinary

Last night will forever standout in my mind as one of the most F-U-N nights ever!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I became an India Hicks Style Ambassador. Last night's party marked the official launch of the brand in Dallas as India swept through Texas...from Austin to Houston to Dallas!

Last night showed the power of how when a woman builds a company around her authentic story and you couple that with quality fragrances, accessories and handbags and an opportunity for women to join the company as Style Ambassadors, you get a very powerful mix that takes on a positive tribe effect that is palpable.

The party was hosted at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in a lovely suite fit for the stylish and fun women who had gathered.  I was most excited with the diversity of the women who all found India Hicks to be unique in her own way...there were stay at home moms, professional women, decorators, the fashion obsessed and every thing in between. I loved it!

India spoke about her reasons for creating the company and how, instead of selling her products through one of the high-end department stores, she chose to offer up a selling opportunity that would empower women to #LiveExtraordinary and empower them to do business on their own terms.

The thing that stands out the most is the quality.  The handbags are manufactured in the same facility where Ralph Lauren's handbags are made, for example.  India spent 18 months building the company in order to make sure she could stand behind each item that bears her name and signature.  In my opinion, she got it right!

Curva-Lish is an official Style Ambassador because I really believe in the quality of the products and wanted to offer it to our readers who believe in quality and style but also I love any cause that lends itself to empower women!

You can shop the amazing products but you can also check out if you want to become a Style Ambassador and take advantage of this great ground floor opportunity to expand your world and's apart of the life of being also Curva-Lish!

Shop the range of India Hicks products at our India Hicks Curva-Lish website HERE

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