Sunday, April 19, 2015

Knocking It Out the Park: A Story of Authenticity

Kathleen with Her Husband
I am apart of a great women's group on Facebook called "Create the Life You Crave" created by the fabulous Jai Stone.

One of the weekly posts that Jai creates is "Fab Friday", an opportunity for community members to share something that happened in their life in the past week that made them feel fabulous.  I don't normally participate in these because I genuinely like reading them only.

On last week's post, a particular comment from fellow member Kathleen Williams stood out to me.

Kathleen's post:

"I went to an "invitation only" event on Monday with my husband (VP of Marketing/Sales for NightLife Hair Wrap) where I had to do a presentation...on the 45 minute drive to the venue he peppered me with advice on how I should present the information...well needless to say, my nerves were a bit at edge when I arrived. But once at the venue..I knew that I had to be me and only me! I knocked it out the park!!! And my husband (a very seasoned sales professional) couldn't praise me enough all evening long. I respect his opinion...but I KNOW whats best for me and it proved correct. I felt fabulous!!"

I loved reading Kathleen's post because it was another example of how when you tap into the power of your authenticity by choosing to be you and only you, it has a way of releasing a power within you that touches others and leads to a confidence that can't ever be taken away!

I hope you are as inspired by Kathleen as I am and I hope you have an opportunity sometime this week to feel fabulous by choosing to be you and only you...

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