Monday, September 21, 2015

Intentions, "The Secret" and Faith: Are They Different?

I have heard many people use the word "intention" or say things like "the universe conspires to give you what you want" (a lot of times rooted in the messaging from "The Secret" or Oprah).

I'm going to be real: every time I heard the word or phrase it always sounded like some mystical desires that people used to not face their fears in hopes that the things they desire will magically be sat in their lap without any sacrifice or massive actions. It is human nature to take the road of least resistance and depending on your natural pre-disposition, you can associate tough-ness with the universe working against you or you not desiring something enough. What I know for sure is that even healthy, positive change and growth has a certain tough-ness or sacrifice involved.

So, while I still somewhat don't understand the die-hard fans of The Secret, I am becoming more of a believer in how a burning desire to get to a goal or a result can cause people or events to trigger a step(s) towards your desires.

The difference to me between the cult followers of The Secret and what I have experienced is what I believe is defined by faith: getting clarity and being focused on a desired outcome that is beyond your natural abilities to bring causes your "vision" to change and your vision is what causes you to see opportunity when it presents itself.

Here are a couple of recent examples that have floored me:
* There is an office building across the street from where I work and one day I said to myself "I want to sign up several clients in that building." A couple of weeks later, I was at the Starbucks across the street working and a young lady who was also working on her laptop at the Starbucks tells me she works in that office building.

After chatting for a few minutes (including her being fascinated by what I do as a Coach), she gives me her email address and says she'd love to give me a tour of the people and offices in the jaw was on the ground! This random young lady I met at a Starbucks is my IN to the office building I desire to have clients!

* As a Style Ambassador with India Hicks, I realize how much of a draw and inspiration our Founder and Leader is to many women. In order to recruit more Style Ambassadors to join us on this FUN journey, I want to attend a few of our company's in-person India Hicks meetings. She'll be in Detroit soon and that is a city I really believe will love the opportunity our business offers.

So last Saturday I toyed with the idea of traveling to Detroit. I thought of the local contacts I have there and thought of a fabulous young lady (Detroit native) I first met two years ago in Chicago that I've since befriended. So my plan was to text the local Detroit native Monday afternoon to inquire whether she'll help me navigate around Detroit. At 9am Monday morning I get a random text from this young lady from Detroit saying "Hi Que! You were on my mind and I thought I'd reach out and text you. I haven't heard from you in a few months." I almost fell out of my chair!

I'm sure some people will give credit for these two examples to the Universe, intention, having faith, a clear vision, etc. You can call it whatever you want...the power of these events is that they are but small examples of what I believe happens in the course of all of our lives! To me these types of events are proof that in our world of wanting tangible "I'll believe it when I see it", if we would just make our specific (non-ego) intentions and desires known, then just maybe we can all be humbled in knowing that there is "something" working towards our good....

I choose to believe, by my faith in God, that there is something working towards our matter what you want to call it.

Stay open. Make your heartfelt intentions known. Believe in something bigger than yourself. And be humbled at how the dots start connecting!

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