Friday, September 11, 2015

What If...

What if you are doing better than you think?

What if you are exactly where you need to be?

What if you have exactly what you need to realize your dreams?

What if that opportunity is not meant for you?

What if you are already fully equipped to be happy?

What if your life is already the embodiment of courage and inspiration to others?

What if you are not meant to be Oprah but are meant to be you?

What if that failure was necessary to keep you humble?

What if that new friend that looks so different than you is intended to help heal a broken area in your life?

What if that child with disability or special needs was chosen to be yours?

What if that new opportunity that you feel incapable of accomplishing will help you get over your control issues?

What if that loss was allowed to happen because in your spirit, you weren't brave enough to decide to let go?

What if that rainbow that caught your attention was a reminder to you that miracles do happen?

What if that surprise act of kindness was for you to know you are not alone?

What if your gift was not meant to be your career objective but be the miracle that's given away to bless others?

What if you really believed that you were meant to be great?

What if you stopped placing limits on your life?

What if you stopped creating excuses for your shortcomings and instead went all out and discovered an area where you've been hiding?

What if you exercised discipline to practice your passion until it becomes an obsession that puts you before the great?

What if you became more patient and let go?

What if you forgave those that hurt you and started to trust again?

What if you stopped shrinking?

What if...

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