Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Blah-Monday Mom on Snack Sensation Graze

Mondays. My least favorite day of the week. The precious weekend is gone and it’s back to the quick-step of the work week. My Monday got off to a sobering start – the 4:30 AM alarm, packing lunches, the carpool lane and Dallas traffic. I arrive at the office (still reminiscing about aforementioned weekend), and learn that there’s a delivery waiting for me at the mail desk. Oh Monday, you’re looking better already.

A few weeks prior, I’d been chatting with a co-worker about a recurring topic – health and weight loss, anyone? We exchanged tips and she shared that she’d signed up for a new healthy snack delivery service called graze. She gave me a coupon for one free box and, since I’m incapable of passing up a good deal, I decided to give it a try.

I signed up for the semi-monthly Nibblebox at $6.99/box. (There are three snack subscription options: once a week, once every two weeks and more than once a week.) My first box arrived at my office on a Monday, which I thought was brilliant because who couldn’t use a lift on a Monday? The box was adorable –Instagram worthy, no doubt – and contained four individually wrapped and sealed snacks. I tried Garden of England first. It was a medley of mini strawberries, black currants and soft apple pieces. Hated it. 

I immediately logged on to and adjusted my settings to remove the snack from future deliveries. A few days later, I opened Summer Berry Flapjack, which graze describes as a “rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries.” It was delicious. It was similar to a granola bar, but surprisingly fresh! Although I could’ve eaten more, the portion was just right, satisfying and completely guilt-free.  

I’m now three boxes in and plan to maintain my subscription at its current frequency. It’s freed me from snacking guilt, brightened my Mondays (every other week) and there are so many flavor profiles to choose from. If I don’t like a certain flavor, I just remove it from my preferences and graze knows not to send it to me again. However, I’ve labeled the majority of the snacks I’ve tried as either “like” or “love.”

Tan and her daughter
If you’re a busy professional, busy mom or a busy woman mutli-tasking but are looking to make better and healthier snack choices, give graze a try!  

Tan Ward


Tan Ward resides in Dallas, TX. She is a wife, mom of two, and marketing professional for an insurance consulting firm. Tan is passionate about food and enjoys reading, laughing, and collecting life hacks and other interesting knowledge.  

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