Friday, October 10, 2014

What Can Be Achieved by Someone on a Mission? A Nobel Peace Prize

I was just notified that education advocate Malala Yousafzai has just been acknowledged as one of the recipients of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize...I am overjoyed!

I am overjoyed because she is a 17-year old girl who almost lost her life to extremists because of their fear that her message and insistence on educating girls would be adopted.  And she did this with no resources other than the will to see things change so that she is not denied the right to get the education that she knew was the root of any freedom!

I also am overjoyed because just think about the amount of single-minded focus you must exhibit to not be deterred from your goal even when you are almost killed for it and yet you continue.  Malala's continuation of her mission to get educated has inspired the world.

Let her story inspire you right where you are with what you are believe you can achieve.  Get single-minded about impacting children, changing the impact of your company, serving the poor, building a business that creates a new innovation that will disrupt an entire industry (and potentially make you a billionaire in the process)...or your single-minded goal can be as simple as being such a great Mom that your children become our next generation's world leader who operates ethically and with compassion to all that they serve!

Malala has inspired me to keep moving forward in my single-mindedness to empower women to be leaders (we need your voice!) and live a life of authenticity.

Your single-minded mission may not be Nobel Prize worthy but I promise you, when Malala set about to get educated, she had no earthly idea what impact her brave and courageous actions would have inspiring our world.

Be brave. Be single-minded. Adopt a mission. Help and heal the world.


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