Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Day Witnessing Excellence Translated to Business

Decor at Museum Tower
A few days ago I attended an invite-only #DrivenbyDesign event hosted by partners Architectural Digest and Cadillac.  I rsvp'ed because I wanted to have an opportunity to take a break from running my strategic advisory firm.  I am also beginning to develop an amateur interest in architecture.  My expectations were not lofty.

However, those expectations were blown out the water as soon as I pulled up to Museum Tower.

We were greeted by a slew of greeters working the event and upon entering the event space on the 42nd floor of Museum Tower with panoramic views of downtown Dallas, I realized this was not going to be a boring, uninspired event!

Breakfast was served on polished silver service platters and we were treated to a great architectural history of Dallas by architect Bob Borson. It was informative and the historical perspective gave me a new appreciation for the commitment to great architecture in Texas!

Our Rides: 2015 Escalades
We then proceeded to tour a beautifully designed apartment on the 38th floor of Museum Tower followed by a tour of the Urban Reserve and a Brookview residence in Preston Hollow. And we were escorted to each property riding in 2015 Cadillac Escalades...it was an inspiring and truly memorable experience.

But my greatest take away from our half day experience went beyond looking at some houses riding in a nice vehicle.  As I spoke with Signe Smith, Principal with Smitharc Architects, for example, as she described the details and thought processes that went into creating the residence, I realized that the methodical, professional and attention to detail was on another level! The owners stated before building that "they wanted to feel like a vacation home every time they walked in" (because they were hard working entrepreneurs)....right then and there I knew that the reason so many of us are inspired by brands like Architectural Digest and Cadillac is because their primary goal is excellence in all they do!

That day is still inspiring me to assess how I can bring even more excellence to what I do, how I do it and when I do it.  Striving for the most impactful business (quality vs quantity) is what separates those organizations that only meet the needs of its customers and those that exceed the expectations of its target customers.
My Favorite: By Smitharc Architects
So today, look at what you do, how you do it and when you do it and create ways to make your own experience one in which you strive for a new level of excellence that will make your product, service, painting, Board, or new creative project the next Cadillac or Architectural Digest that is talked about for decades!


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