Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Power of the Girl that Becomes the Woman

Sexist T-Shirts sold by Walmart (Left) and Target (Right)
I have been absolutely dis-heartened by the decision of such big, well respected community retailers such as Walmart and Target to sell t-shirts that most news outlets are reporting as the most sexist messages to young girls to date.

Walmart T-shirt Message: "Score!  Superman does it again!"

Target T-shirt Message: "Training to be Batman's Wife"

My shock over the t-shirts have related to the fact that the t-shirts are subliminal messages to our young girls that only boys can become leaders, that girls are only good as cheerleader sidekicks and that their life can only be fulfilled based on how well they support a male leader while not aspiring to lead.

Visit Girls Can't What?
What were they thinking?

Instead of adding fuel to the fire and contributing further to the negativity, I have decided to do something positive. Through our supplier, I have created a t-shirt that gives a counter-narrative about the potential of girls and their ability to lead!

We have partnered with "Girls Can't What?" to offer a t-shirt that we hope will encourage girls that they can do anything they set their minds to and aspiring to lead is not just a boy thing, it is a girl thing too!

We Believe Girls Are Superheroes! 

100% of Net Proceeds from the sale of our counter-narrative t-shirts will be donated to Irma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School!

Why Irma Rangel?
From their website: "Our mission is to provide young ladies in grades six through 12 with a global education that emphasizes mathematics, science and technology...Rangel school ensures our young ladies have the skills and knowledge needed to graduate from a four-year college institution.  Leadership makes the difference as students give back to their communities through required volunteer service and summer institute program.

Our staff is dedicated to preparing our young ladies to compete in a global society.  Our Motto: Girls Today. Women Tomorrow. Leaders Forever"

So tell your Mom, sister, cousin, girlfriends and neighbors to join us as we spread the word of empowerment to girls to lead and become superheroes!

Order here:


Non-refundable.  Your shirt will arrive within three weeks and total amount donated to Irma Rangel will be updated on main home page monthly.


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