Thursday, October 2, 2014

Can You Be Talked Out of Your Dream?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of women leaders at a Leadership Institute on the topic of Brene Brown's "Daring Greatly".  I was inspired to write this post because several events that have occurred over the past few weeks are great examples of how when you make the decision to dare greatly (and thus, be in a vulnerable position of potential failure, being judged, etc.), your very life and dreams and hopes are exposed in a way that will either cause you to retreat or go boldly forward even in the midst of the judgement, potential failure, etc.

My main job is CEO of a strategic advisory firm.  Recently, we launched a video highlight reel service because I was so pleased with how ours came out after searching endlessly for a way to standout and reach clients.  Our goal is to bring the success of video in other industries to the world of business as a communications tool. (You can send an email to for more information)

It just so happens that one of our very first clients was one of the Directors of the Leadership Institute.  We had just finished her video about a week before and I asked her how she liked her results.  She sought us out because she was in the commercial real estate sector and cold calling is a way of life.  She wanted a video to be able to stand out, reach clients and make it easy to get referrals by giving happy clients a way to share her bio.

The first thing she said was, "I was so happy to get the video but when I showed it to a couple male colleagues, they told me it was cheesy and didn't get it so she decided to table it..."  I was so shocked!  She had completely back tracked on her goal to become one of the best commercial real estate negotiators and sales persons in our city!

So I then encouraged her to send the video to a few clients that she trusts and ask their opinion because I had used her video as an example to a few potential clients and they all loved it! Besides, the whole point is to personalize business and get clients...not whether a colleague thinks you are doing something too out of the box!

Interestingly enough, I emailed a few LinkedIn contacts to launch our video service and one reply in particular stood out to me.  The reply basically said that "Quenita, I know plenty of people who do this and so I don't need  your services.  If you ever need my help using LinkedIn, let me know." (FYI: none of the people he mentioned does video highlights specifically for business)

Why Am I Telling You All of This?
I wanted to share the stories above to point out that anytime you do anything that is daring, un-heard of, different or just doing something to expand your current world, you will always get naysayers or people who don't have the vision of what you are striving for...and that's okay!  The key is, you can not let them talk you out of what you SEE!

You have to believe in yourself enough and believe you are worthy enough that even one comment from a colleague will not cause you to abandon that goal, that dream, that desire.

I have yet to hear of any visionary that has ever not been told in the beginning that what they were planning on doing made sense, was a good idea, was possible, etc.  You don't get to a life of success, peace, happiness or greatness without some type of comment, data or opinion from someone else telling you that it's not a possibility.  Believe anyway.

So my question to you is: what have you allowed someone to tell you, say to you or try to prove to you that what you believe, are hoping for, dreaming for or desiring is not possible?  Go back to it.  Pick it up again!

Go back through why you believed it was possible.

Go back to why you believed it was for you to do.

Go back to why you believed it was going to solve a problem and help people.

Don't be talked out of your are worth the effort to at least dare to believe it's possible.


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  1. This is a great post...I linked to you from the Women's Speakers Bureau. Thanks for today's inspiration!

    1. Thanks so kindly for your support Cathy! Can you include a link to where you linked to this page? I want to promote back and share it with my audience! #GirlPower

  2. Great inspiration and encouragement to. Continue to follow our dreams NO MATTER WHAT! So important! Thanks for continuing to follow your dreams! Look forward to collaborating more from WSA!!!! Shine and Sparkle! Be blessed. #RaleneSpeaks

    1. Thanks so kindly for your support Ralene! Let me know if there are ever any opportunities to network with you and support your causes. Blessings...Que