Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Story of Grace with Danielle LaPorte

In a world where fashion bloggers rule the blogging landscape hoping to inspire the world through fashion, I have intentionally strived to make Curva-Lish an authentic reflection of where I am in life as a 40+ year old.

One of the authentic representations I care about very strongly is having added the word "grace" to my lifestyle blog's mission statement right beside the words "purpose" and "Style".

Why grace? Yes, I grew up as a Christian where grace was discussed alot but as I've aged, I've learned how much bigger that word is!

Grace defined: simple elegance or refinement; extension of terms beyond compliance or rules; goodwill towards another: a pleasing or attractive quality; unmerited favor or gift; kindness, esteem

In the vein of thinking of Grace, I wanted to share this short writeup shared by Danielle LaPorte on Instagram:

"This (picture) was a beautiful moment (captured) yesterday that involved a crisp $100 bill and gorgeous integrity. @delvelove bought something three or four years ago from my annual" Pay What You Can Day". She paid what she could and promised herself that she'd pay the full value amount someday. She came up in line at my book signing (after buying a few books) and handed me a hunny ($100 bill). I was a puddle. Delivering on promises makes more magic happen. I'm donating the $100 to V-Day." 

Isn't that beautiful!?!?

I pray this post encourages you to be vessel of Grace to someone today. Don't make it complicated...use your beautiful influence in simple ways.

Buy someone's Starbucks.

Babysit for a single mom struggling.

Send an "I'm Thinking of You" card to an overworked neighbor.

Send a cooked, prepared meal for that couple with two feisty newborn twins.

Forgive someone who made a mistake (and who don't deserve it anyway).

Order from that small business owner working hard to realize their dreams.

Pick up the phone and encourage someone who has expressed a struggle.

Volunteer at a local shelter and be a beam of "light" that encourages.

Be gracefully beautiful and Curva-Lish friends...

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