Friday, April 1, 2016

Balanced Style Inspired by the White House

Last night the White House hosted a working dinner to discuss global nuclear security amongst world leaders.

How gorgeous is this setup?!?!

I wish corporations, teams, and organizations valued the stylish beauty of a setup and its environment as much as they valued the content at team events!

Just because it's serious or a convo with depth doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful...or vice verse! Just because it's a creative event that has a great interior design and beautiful decor doesn't mean it can't include depth!

Beauty and depth are not mutually exclusive!

Hosting Tips from this White House Event: 
No matter the event, fresh flowers always has the ability to positively effect the overall mood! No matter if it's all men (like the world leaders for this White House event), all women, young, old or a diverse mix, you can never go wrong with fresh flowers!

If the event is serious, intense or needs to be hyper focused on a tough subject, use contrarian colors to balance. Notice all the yellow and green with a clean backdrop they used for a controversial dinner topic (nuclear security)...meaning, little/no black or navy blue.

And here's a handy color explanation diagram to help you...

At Home: So the next time you have a dinner party to discuss politics, for example, don't create a black room...or, if your permanent dining room color is black, add the balanced color in your accessories, flowers, dishes, food choices, etc. You get the idea.

Styled Business Meetings: If your company puts you in charge of organizing your team's next offsite compliance gathering and it's in a bland hotel conference room for eight hours, I promise you, you will have way more engagement if you add some beautiful elements (of balanced color) that will likely be in conversations all day. And don't make it can be as simple as fun candy spread throughout the tables! Just add some element(s) that balances!

It will make a (pleasant) difference!

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