Thursday, March 31, 2016

Choosing A Life That Inspires Others to Be Great

Today a great person was lost...the pioneering architect Zaha Hadid.

Zaha was, what many considered, the greatest architect of our time.

You don't have to be an architecture buff to appreciate the brilliance of what Zaha has done in her mind-bending renditions of some of the most important buildings in the world. Up until the works of Zaha came about in the 70s/80s, buildings were strictly utilitarian, box shaped with only verticle and horizontal lines.

Zaha caused the world to "see" buildings differently while also yes, serving noteworthy functions.

Here's a sample of some of her works:

The death of Zaha had me thinking about what it means to be so great at your chosen craft that your legacy will outlive you many years over.

There is a ton of great write-ups on Zaha and her brilliance but as a fan who's followed her amazing work, I'm writing this post to focus on how her authentic greatness has literally effected and inspired thousands of people, many whom she has never met.

You don't have to be at the level of Zaha to have the same effect on people.

However, to be great at anything, it will require a level of obsession and commitment that history has shown most people don't do.

Don't be one of those people.

You matter.

Make a decision that you will do your best and commit to be great at something... a career, a hobby, a cause, a passion.

It doesn't matter what it is...just decide.

And like Zaha, I hope your life's commitment ends up being something that will outlive your earthly life, for many years over.

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