Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Inspirational Spring Fever

With less than four days into the official start of Spring, living in Texas I am already excited about all the things that Spring promises...newness after Winter, growth, renewal and all things sun and outdoors living!

Spring is the perfect season in Texas because our summers are SO hot!

So, to kick off Curva-Lish spring fever, here's some inspiration from India Hicks and Domino (both blog partners)!

India Hicks Flat Stanley is a go-to insider handbag pouch when needing to step away from your desk and run a quick errand or on a weekend when all you need to take with you are keys, phone and cash/credit cards. And it is luxuriously chic! (Shown in Bridesmaid Ivory; also comes in Flamingo and Heritage print)

India Hicks Flat Stanley in Bridesmaid Ivory (Closeup)

India Hicks Flat Stanley in Heritage print (Closeup)

Domino is one of my FAVORITE design sites!  I was originally inspired by their goal of inspiring your authentic style with diverse ideas on what it means to live in style, design help (starts at only $185!) and everything in-between! Their mantra is "bring your style home"...yasss!

Here are some things that has inspired me from the Spring 2016 issue of Domino that will give you some both trendy updates and some classic style for spring...

Pyramid Dining Arm Chair

Pink Faux Fur Mongolia Pillow
Palm Leaves in Glass Vase
Palm Leaves Cocktail Napkins

Royal Blue Alpaca Throw
Cyprus Area Rug (8x10)
Midnight Blue Double Old Fashioned (Only $1.99!)
Seagrass Baskets (Set of 3)

Hope this inspires you to begin your Spring Fever!

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